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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Abhijit and Aliens- Akash kumar

One day Abhijit was alone at his house. It was a day of winter season. The members of his family had gone out of the city to his relatives. He was getting bore. As he cannot go there because it was very far from his house, he decided to walk. He went to garden and started walking.
Alien's pic
                                               Suddenly, he saw a spacecraft which ultimately landed in the garden. An alien came out from the spacecraft. People in the garden were frightened at the sight. Some of them started moving here and there, some of them were frozen at their place. Someone called the police. The modern police force came with modern weapons. The police force started firing on the alien, Abhijit requested Mr. Anil, the commander of the police force not to fire on the alien, as he could be more scientifically developed and could fire also. The force stopped firing. The alien then went to his spacecraft to bring a machine through which he could talk with the people. He told the force that he had come here to research on pollution; He gifted saplings of plants grown on his planted to Abhijit and the police force. He also told the force that if they didn’t stop firing, he had to fire by his weapon which could blast the whole city. After taking some samples of soil, water, air etc, the alien returned. Mr. Anil thanked Abhijit for his wise idea. The press reporters took his photos and he was treated as a real hero.
-         Akash Kumar (Chief Editor)

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A series of skype group conversations beetween students from India & Pakistan
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