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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

India Against Corruption- Akash Kumar

 Friends, This topic reminds us of the famous N.G.O “India against corruption” led by the popular R.T.I activist Arvind kejriwal. In this very article, we’ll discuss the latest agitations of the masses against corruption in our country. The politics of India is covered from the mud of corruption. You might have heard about the several scams, 2G scam, CWG scam, S.Band spectrum scam, Adarsh society scam, Tetra truck scam, Coal spectrum scam...the list is very long as in every 15 days, at least a scam is brought into light. The whole system is corrupt. We’ll have to clean the whole system if we want to get rid of corruption. Thanks to Anna Hazare & team for raising voice against corruption and demanding a bill of people’s choice “JAN LOKPAL” . But we should keep in our mind that in order to eradicate corruption from our country, we’ll have to eradicate it from our mind. The youth can do a lot in this regard with their passion & enthusiasm in the right direction. Go ahead, join the revolution and change the scenario. 
 Yours, Akash Kumar Editor- जीवन Mag & District students’ head- IAC To Join the revolution or know more about the revolution log on to : Download Jeevanmag July 2012!

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A series of skype group conversations beetween students from India & Pakistan
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