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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Interesting Facts- Gyanesh Kumar

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- Leonardo da Vinci is supposed to have invented scissors.

- A camel is supposed to last longer without water but Rat can last even longer without it.

- Those who love ice-cream should know that Eskimo Pie is the first chocolate-covered ice cream bar and it was invented in Onawa, Iowa, USA in 1921.

- The world’s smallest island country is Nauru.

- The largest producer of gold is South Africa.

- The largest bell in the world is the Emperor Bell in Moscow, Russia. It is 20 ft or1 m tall.

- Do you know what is the name given to that little dot over “i”? It’s known as “tittle”.

- There are only few words in dictionary that don’t rhyme with any other words. These are orange, silver and purple.

- Mount Rushmore is perhaps the most impressive rock formation carved by men. It was made by Gutzon Borglum and took just 14 years to carve it.

- The famous Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time.

- Like retina and finger print, every individual also has a unique tongue print.

- There are no less than 717 native languages in a small country known as Papua New Guinea.

- This must be exciting for hummingbirds as they can fly backward as well.

- ENIAC was the name of world’s first electronic computer. It was produced in 1946 and its size was humungous.

- Every Year a staggering number of 50 millions bicycles are produced. 

Source : India Child
By- Gyanesh kumar
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