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Sunday, 3 November 2013

Krrish 3: Taking the Indian Celluloid a step ahead- Akash Man Of Sky

Movie Reviewed By- Akash Man Of Sky

This Diwali, Rakesh roshan lights up the Bollywood screen space with some really awesome & watchable flick.

Krrish 3 brings home the idea that however powerful the evil is, it has to lose to the goodness at last. Needless to say, the movie envisages the growing standard of the Indian Cinema. We are fortunate to have got a Desi Superhero with Indian spirit & values.
Krrish 3 has the power to amaze you with its marvelous action sequences & VFX effects. But, at the same time what disheartens you is that Rakeshji has failed to shoo off the holly impression. One can easily deduce that the movie is influenced by X-Men, Spiderman, Superman, Tron - It's not witty to make the complete list.
For all those who haven't seen Koi Mil Gaya... & Krrish ( I don't think someone in the world hasn't!),  a quick recap is there at
the starting. The plot, despite being fragile & average, is quite quirky & entertaining. The way the products have been advertised throughout the movie is creative as well as comic.

Believe it or not, the whole story line revolves round a Flair pen which Rohit (Hrithik Roshan) has turned into a revolutionary device that has the possibility to employ sunlight to restore life into dead matter. Krishna aka Krrish (Again, H.R) is a real-life guy who gets fired from one after the other job owing to his absence from the workplace. He is absent only to don up the Krrish Suit & fight the menace. He is living his life happily with his scientist father Rohit & loving wifey Priya (Priyanka Chopra) who is a TV reporter.
Meanwhile,on the other side of the globe, Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) is obliged to destroy the humane world with the group of mutants (Manav+Janwar= Manwar) he has created. He is restricted to a wheelchair & his origin is yet another suspense.
The Manwars, which include Kaya - a mix of human & chameleon (Kangana Ranaut), Frogman, Antman, Rhinoman & Cheetahwoman etc., add to the charm of the movie. Kaal develops a new virus & spreads it first in Namibia & then in India. In Namibia, he makes loads of money by employing its antidote but in India, Rohit manages to create the antidote (It's interesting to see how!) & then starts the real action. The war between the evil & the goodness is worth seen.
Now, how Krrish is different from the holly action flicks? Added to action, Krrish 3 has an amount of emotion, romance & of course the traditional bollywood dialoguebaazi .
The tremendous acting by the whole star cast comes to rescue the average screenplay & storyline. Hrithik Roshan steals the show
once again. He has got into each and every frame with a captivating perfection. The Greek God has been earnest & energetically cool throughout the movie. His superb acting leaves you dumbstruck. He leaves you under the impression that he is the only bolly guy able to don on the superhero getup. You'd see that when compared to the
Hollywood superheroes, he isn't a single notch below them.
Vivek Oberoi has done a fab job as the intelligent and powerful, devillous & intense antagonist. Kangana Ranaut has clearly overshone the leading lady Priyanka Chopra . She has managed to make her face emotionless when needed. The narrative gets strong & emphatic in Big B 's voice.
The dialogues make us remember the pompous mid-era bolly movies. A part of the audience would like it but at the same time there would be people to consider the dialogues wacky & over-the-top.
The direction is above the notch & Rakesh roshan touch makes the movie a perfect bonanza for family audience. The action is teeth-biting & you'd surely get spellbound to see that Indian
cinema has got such an action marvel.
The music section is weak & Rajesh roshan has followed the ghisa-pita mid-aged pattern not to recreate any magic. The theme music (taken from Krrish) is nevertheless soul-
soothing & awe-inspiring.

Raghupati Raghav song is okay, Thanks only to HR for his thumping dance performance. Dil tu hi bata is a sort of song which
pleases one & tenses the other.
God Allah aur Bhagwan emphasizes the grandiloquence & mass appeal of Krrish, but is highly unoriginal. If the movie were in 3D , it would have been great.
Overall, Krrish 3 is a must go for & if you have kids, you don't
have any right to devoid them of having loads of fun. The movie
probably would get on your nerves too.

Caution- First, shed off your hollywood penchant and just
then go to the theatres to appreciate the movie! :-D
Story- 3.5/5 Stars
Acting- 4.7/5 Stars
Action- 4.7/5 Stars
Direction-4.5/5 Stars
Music- 3/5 Stars
Krrish 3- 4.3/5 Stars
Some extra points for the zealous & zesty Hrithik
Roshan....Hats off!!!
(Akash Kumar is the Ed-in-chief of this unique endeavour जीवन Mag. He is a student of class XI Science at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.He hails from Motihari in Bihar. Connect with him on Facebook here.)

Excerpted from Jeevan Mag January 2014. Download the PDF version of the magazine from here -


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