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Saturday, 4 January 2014

A word to you...Jeevan Mag 4- Akash Kumar

Happy New Year 2014!
It’s our pleasure to present before you the fourth issue of Jeevan Mag. It’s after a long gap that we’ve come with the PDF issue but forgive us; we were engaged much. But from now on, we are obliged to publish Jeevan Mag monthly & the revival could not have been possible without your constant support & cooperation. In particular, I would like to thanks Nandlal bhaiya, the executive editor of this magazine, for his dedication towards the initiative.
We started our journey some 20 months ago when we were a small group of children concentrated mainly in Motihari. I remember the day when I went to a typical cyber cafe with Rishabh (PRO, Jeevan Mag) to start the website. The foundation stones of the magazine consist of Kuldeep, Pawan, Aryan, Manish, Ravi etc.- My classmates of Shantiniketan Jubilee School in Motihari. Nitesh Upadhyay & Sameer Sumdarshi are 2 other people behind the initiative who aren’ty with us today because of their personal reasons. We hadn’t imagined that the sapling would grow with such a great pace. Right from being aired on Sahara Samay to getting featured in Japanese newspaper ‘Hon’ & On Hindustan’s cover page, our team has acquired great wealth in form of your love. Today, we stand as a distinct web magazine attracting visitors from across the globe. Your love has been well-received in the form of e-mails & phone calls but I would like to dwell repeatedly that please comment on the posts on the site too.
Now, let’s take a look at the contents of this issue. We have a nice range of Hindi poems & Urdu ghazals. We are starting some new columns which we’ll continue in our upcoming issues. From tech tips to movie reviews & from a short story to a satire – We are determined to make your experience edutaining. The year 2013 was quite phenomenal. A newsline of the year is there for your quick review.
As we are going monthly, we need creative & innovative people. Join us & be the face of the change. May the year 2014 give your life a new dimension with happiness all around you & success at your steps.

Akash Man of Sky (Akash Kumar)
Ed-in-chief (Jeevan Mag)

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Excerpted from Jeevan Mag January 2014. Download the PDF version of the magazine from here -

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A series of skype group conversations beetween students from India & Pakistan

A series of skype group conversations beetween students from India & Pakistan
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