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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Opinion: JOINT FAMILY SYSTEM- Akash Man Of Sky


The joint family system has been a vital part of the Indian tradition. It has been responsible for our good values & ethos to a great extent. But Alas! Urbanization & modernisation have done a great damage to this. We and our thoughts have been constricted into flats of 8X8. People living in nuclear families are unable to care for their children & it leads to devastation. Father and mother both are working & there is no one to accompany the child, no one to kindle the fire of goodness & ethics in him. Yes, it’s a situation much common in cities, especially in Metros.

I am really lucky to be a member of a joint family. In a joint family, there are grandparents to instill in you, the required moral values and uncles & aunts to provide you with the essential zeal & zest to do something good & grand. There are a lot of people to keep a protective & caring eye upon the child which certainly helps him to progress in the right direction. The child lives his childhood to its fullest only in the joint families. One gets a lot of love & wisdom & if there are younger siblings & cousins, it adds up to the grandeur of childhood. It’s a great experience which helps the child face every possible adversity in his/her future.

In my opinion, nuclear families must be discouraged in order to have a progeny of ethical, sensible & brilliant people.


Excerpted from Jeevan Mag January 2014. Download the PDF version of the magazine from here -


  1. Values must survive

  2. Nice

  3. yaha pe b 8*8 k flats aur cats k liye b! bt koi ni nice initiative!!!!!

  4. yahan pe cats ki baat kab kahi???


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A series of skype group conversations beetween students from India & Pakistan
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