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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

YOU AND ME- Akshay Akash

Nights were long and days lost
I could not regain the gone trust .
Feelings meant only loneliness
There was not any trace of happiness.

Standing alone I had to think
What was there beyond the brink.
Everything foggy everything dry
And I could not abstain to cry.

If winter comes,
can spring be far behind?
I had heard this several times
Thinking this I always wondered
Did the springs get outnumbered?

Will the winters be infinite?
Or the fire within me again ignite?
My lost self was hard to regain
And I suffered from a lot of pain.

Waiting for someone to arrive
And give me the strength to survive.
Actually I myself was required
To become strong and get revived.

But the inevitable always happens
Even if the situation worsens.
Then you need problems to end
What better can you get than a friend.

This was me till you arrived
Soul was lost only body survived.
Your arrival shortly made a change
My problems lost what they had gained.

Birds sang loud and the sun rose high
Elated were the stars of sky.
Bounty of sprouts began to flourish
When you were always present to nourish.

I found my lost confidence in you
Enjoying the moments together that were few.
Enraptured by your mere presence
I could feel the unnoticed essence.

Gradually as the time passed by
With ups and downs going low and high.
We were together in every situation
And did not fear the boundaries of separation.

I was me once again
Out of all the agony and pain.
All because of the assurance
That you were always omnipresent.

But the winter again arrived
And this time I bravely survived.
But you were lost into it
Even without making me realize.

I can never face that situation
When you don't share and care with
Then I always begin to ponder
What was the lack in my love I wonder.

Come back being the same as you were.
Don't know what changed you when and
Be assured that I am the same
With more affection , love and care.

I know the confusion will be resolved
Each and every problem will be solved
I am with you and you with me
Let all the worthless boundaries dissolve

Do not heed to world if you are right
I am always well within your sight
Just close your eyes and look within you
Rest assured we will always be together and

Akshay Akash is a student of B.Tech in humanities (1st year) at
Cluster Innovation Center, University of Delhi.

Excerpted from Jeevan Mag January 2014. Download the PDF version of the magazine from here -


  1. Buddy, it was the girl who lacked.....!!!!!

  2. Yes one who did not realise the importance will see


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