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Monday, 31 March 2014

Diary Naama- Akshay Akash

Akshay Akash
14th Feb 2014

EVERYTHING I DID….. ….. WAS FOR YOU Once I used to be what I WAS….
Everything I did, was related to you…
Every step of cognition was for you…
Everything I enjoyed was due to you… and…
Every moment I lived for you…
I woke up early, trained hard and exercised…not only because it is a good habit…but to improve my fitness, so that I could be fit for every match at any moment…
I said prayer daily, closing my eyes, not only because I believe in God… but to improve my concentration, so that I could face the swinging ball in early overs…
I studied hard and stood first in class…not because I liked it. I did it so that my parents and teachers would allow me to play…to be with you…
I enjoyed my life because I wanted to come to you …be with you…my bat and ball…
I enjoyed to keep my mood good before the match…There was a sudden excitement every moment…that each and every action of mine would determine my performance in the game…
“Everything I did…was for you…my love…my life I am hapless as you would never be mine…but I am sure…we will be together again, I LOVE YOU…. And my every action is still related to the time when we were together….and I know “NO MOMENT IS PERMANENT IN LIFE…” I am alone… but believe one thing…”
Don’t be disappointed when nobody stands with you. Just say, “ I am thankful to those who left me because they taught me that I CAN DO IT ALONE.” 

Akshay Akash

Sub-Editor (Jeevan Mag)

B.Tech in Humanities (1st year)
University of Delhi 

Excerpted from- Jeevan Mag Feb.- march 2014 issue
Download the PDF issue 


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A series of skype group conversations beetween students from India & Pakistan
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