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Friday, 4 April 2014

I can fly even in chains- Akshay Akash

A tree says many things…

Gazing at me is the azure sky
Blazing is the dawn so bright
Bedlam of chirruping signify
Waiting within me is the zeal to fly

Sunbeams accompanying the pleasant warmth
Blessing the denizens with explicit light
Gentle breeze inspiring the mob
Acting as the elixir of life

When the dark friends hover around
Far from me and the other ones
We cease to be quiet and sound
As the enthralling flurry falls down

I love to sit in mother’s lap
But the urge to fly never dies
When I see the denizens fly
The urge always magnifies

But I love the sun and the rain
And am habitual to resist the pain
As I can fall but never bend
When they turn violent again and again

I also speak of the greatest bane
When my ‘tended to be’ best friend
Turns into foe and
Avenges me for what I don’t even know

I love him and help him in need
And never want to be mean
But perhaps he doesn’t understand
Where I expect him to stand

The consequence of disturbing the equilibrium
He would never know
Till mother shows her fury
And change what she always does bestow

So I beseech you my friend

As your habitat is in your hands

Lest it should perish

And you will always be cursed for the blemish

However you try to give me pain
I will always be able to gain
The zeal to sing and celebrate
And the ability to fly even in chains…. 


Akshay Akash 

Sub Editor- Jeevan Mag 

B.Tech. Humanities (1st year), Cluster Innovation Centre , University of Delhi

Excerpted from- Jeevan Mag Feb.- march 2014 issue
Download the PDF issue 


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  1. Oh Yes! We can!!! Positive approach


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