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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Mark Zuckerberg and the free internet utopia

The Facebook Founder- CEO, Mark Zuckerberg just visited India.Some people have an opinion that he is doing some innovation again & some say that he is working on a free internet program for India. Some think that he came to India just for the summit while some envision him taking India to the Global level. (You gotta kidding me, it's just FB level)

As we know that India is develping rapidly, the number of internet users is increasing. A large section of the internet-addicts have a utopian vision that we are going to have a free internet service. It would mean that I would be able to play games online for free. It means that I would be able to watch my favorite movies for free. It means that we would be able to access the online courses for free. No, absolutely not. Facebook is partnering with Airtel to bring a kind of free internet service which would just mean a free Facebook access. Might be a free access to WhatsApp & Instagram too because they are owned by Facebook. But, certainly not any of the productive things mentioned earlier.
So, Facebook is just working on business agenda. The more we spend our time Facebooking, the more we kill our time expanding the profit of Facebook. Don't get it wrong! I am not against Facebook usage. I am just making a point that how can Facebook show a totally commercial project as a philanthropic one.

Zuckerberg met PM Modi on his India visit & Mr. PM was delighted to have him! And why not, Facebook has played a crucial role in his election campaign. So, he owes Mr. Zuckerberg too.

So, Mark Zuckerberg said- "Internet connectivity is a human right." Then why does this internet connectivity only means Facebook connectivity? "When one billion are offline, the world is robbed of ideas"- What type of ideas? I don't know, even u too, I think. He stated that he wants to empower the Indian youth. Is that just possible with facebook?
Zuckerberg said  "Lack of relevant local language content is why most Indians don't use internet". True, but what would Facebook be doing in this regard?
"I Want to help build an internet which is affordable for everyone". Great, but can he promise to build it to provide us an edutaining experience, an experience which would not just be restricted to Facebook?

Vikash Anand Jha is Public Relations officer at He hails from East Champaran, Bihar & is pursuing B.Tech from Maharshi Arvind Engineering college, Jaipur.

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A series of skype group conversations beetween students from India & Pakistan
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