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Monday, 16 February 2015

Does God exist?

This statement has evoked provoking thoughts in my mind. First was how did humans actually thought of knowing if gods existed. Apes and early human beings didn't have the ability to think of gods existence for they were too busy learning the skills of surviving. And as per our religious texts, be it the Ramayana, Koran or Bible, the assumption of god descending to earth came about in mid-civilization, so what happened before that? What I am more concerned is that how did people actually came to the conclusion that there was a creator of all of them and that they should pray to it (I say it, for God doesn't have a masculine or feminine form)? 

If we belief Science, then it states that we humans, evolved from the Apes. If that's so, then today we have both - humans, and the apes but what about the in-betweens? The evolving human from ape form? Without hurting anyone's feeling, as my own personal belief is that early civilization in order to control most of the evolving human beings, fabricated most of the stories in which good reined over evil, and slowly that fable or myth became part of our culture. 

Though some may be true, for evidence has been shown for the existence of the original pages of the testament, or the underwater city of Dwarika (Lord Krishna's abode) in Indian waters, others I'm not too sure about. Some pages of the past may forever remain a secret but whatever is present gives each person a right to think what he/she may think is correct.

Being Judgmental is a human quality.
Ashneel J Prasad is  the Oceania (New Zealand/ Fiji) correspondent of A Fijian of Indian descent, Ashneel is currently a student of B.A communications at Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand.

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A series of skype group conversations beetween students from India & Pakistan
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