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Friday, 11 December 2015

The "So-Called" Feminism

Feminism is being taken to a whole new level of stupidity in today's world. I, just like most of you, am a firm believer of female rights, but some so called 'feminists', or should I say 'Feminazis' have compelled me to write out my frustration.

Last year celebrities such as Beyonce, Jane Lynch and others started a world wide campaign called, in order to ban the word 'bossy'. The idea behind this so called 'campaign' was that females are less interested in leadership because they are worried of being called bossy. I find that an insult to females because that just implies that they are weak to overcome the torture of a word. 

Meanwhile Iraqi parliamentarians were discussing to pass a new law LEGALIZING MARITAL RAPE and PROHIBITING WOMEN TO LEAVE THEIR HOME WITHOUT HUSBANDS' PERMISSION and legalizing 'MARRIAGE OF 9-YEAR-OLD-GIRLS' last year. Alas, feminists were too busy banning a choiced 'words' to take notice. And neither did these so called 'feminist' put any pressure of Saudi Arabia when a new law was passed that 'FEMALE DRIVERS WOULD BE CHARGED AS TERRORISTS.'

Another thing feminist's wanted to ban was 'MAN-SPREADING.' Apparently feminists didn't want men to sit with their legs spread in public transports and places. They called it a 'SPACE ISSUE.' They wanted men to sit with their legs crossed over each other. Now I may even agree to that in certain context but what's the hell does it mean to start a new hastag on twitter called #KillAllMen. 

Underscoring once again how many feminists have misappropriated the women's right movement into an excuse for hating men. And that too was okay for twitter, but when one women dared to start a hastag revolt called #WomenAgainstFeminism, feminists demanded twitter to suspend her account. Talk about comradeship. Meanwhile #ISIS was asking twitter followers on ways how they can kill and torture the captured Jordanian pilot. 

While a women was stoned to death in the Middle East for not marrying the family's choice of suitor (Honor Killing), the feminists of the free world were busy demanding that they be allowed to post pictures of their 'NIPPLES' or 'NIP-PICS' on Instagram. Meanwhile is selling females into slavery for as low as $10 but no, feminists were busy making nudity into a political movement. Yes, this is the big freedom feminists are fighting for. Talk about priorities. 

And then on Facebook, yet again 'feminists' strike. Calling and updating 'ALL MEN ARE THE SAME.' What does that even prove? 2 question:
1) Does that include your father, brother, uncle, husband and friend in that same category?
2) Did you do a survey on the 3+ billion men in this world?

Long gone are the days when feminism actually stood for something. When feminists were taking the correct stands for voting rights, women's right to buy property, demanding that females be not treated like a second class citizen. Today, feminism has become a joke and some 'feminists' are making a mockery out of feminism. Get your priorities right!

Ashneel J Prasad is  the Oceania (New Zealand/ Fiji) correspondent of A Fijian of Indian descent, Ashneel is currently a student of B.A communications at Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand.

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